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How to Implement Sitecore MVC View Rendering with RenderingModel

In a Sitecore MVC project, if there is no complicated business logic and just display Sitecore content directly from data source, we’d prefer to create a view rendering instead of additional controller and even model. Here is a simple way with Sitecore built-in … Continue reading

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Multi-Tenant Architecture for MVC 4

In ASP.NET MVC the concept of convention over configuration (CoC) is very important. MVC relies on the common agreement (convention) such as folder structures and naming conventions. When looking at a MVC project that was created by visual studio templates, … Continue reading

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Performance Optimization with Pre-generate Entity Framework Views

Using Entity Framework in either ways of CodeFirst or ModelFirst give us benefits on creating object models and save lots time on data access programming. But during the application initial load, Entity Framework takes time to look up the schema … Continue reading

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Bundle and Minify CSS/JavaScript in MVC 4

In development, we like to use multiple JS and CSS files for modularity, readability and maintainability of code and it’s a good practice too. But in some cases it leads to degradation of the overall performance of the website. Because … Continue reading

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Parse the LESS into CSS for Production Deployment

In website responsive design, to accommodate different browsers and mobile devices, it would be nice to have site-wide variables to make site layout dynamic change according to user’s browsing devices. So LESS CSS framework seems a good thing with the variables … Continue reading

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