Evaluate Keystone on Sitecore 8.0 XP – Creating a new site

Keystone is a licensed platform developed by Nonlinear Digital to accelarate Sitecore implementation. Keystone distills the most common components, functionality and best practices and makes them available to rapidly deploy any sized site in Sitecore – from one server through to multi-server enterprise deployments on premise or in the cloud. It has been successfully integrated with Ooyala, Coveo, Google Analytics and more and works with popular Sitecore modules.

Basic installation instruction:

  1. Download the License file and place it in the Sitecore webroot
  2. Download the appropriate Sitecore update package and install it using the Update Installation Wizard at /sitecore/admin/UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx.
  3. Perform a full site re-publish

Indepth instructions can be found in the Keystone Manual.

What we get after installation completed:

03-06-2015 3-09-08 PM

Creating a new site:

  1. Keystone provides a branch template to help you create a new site. To see the options right click on the /Sitecore/content node. Select the MVC version of the site.03-06-2015 3-18-57 PM
  2. Once the site is created with several manual configurations (see Sitecore 8 – Keystone Manual), you will get new site created under content like this.03-06-2015 3-30-06 PM
  3. Add site definition under Sitecore/System/Sites/ and move it up in the folder tree. This is a very tricky setting in Keystone which is not in the manual.03-06-2015 3-31-38 PM
  4. Then go to Workbox to submit or approve all workflows from both Component Workflow and Simple Workflow. This is also a very tricky setting in Keystone which is not in the manual.03-06-2015 3-35-24 PM
  5. Perform a full site re-publish and the new created site should be ready for further development.
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