Evaluate BrainJocks SCORE on the Sitecore 8.0 XP – Challenges and Tips of Installation

BrainJocks SCORE™ is a licensed platform developed by BrainJocks to create patterns for a dynamic Sitecore implementation. Based on what BrainJocks says “With BrainJocks SCORE™, building complex site structures becomes “point and click” for site administrators. Instead of rigidly structuring a template that has fields to create a page, the content and controls of the page are built visually with no need for development support”. Let’s see how this product is doing and I need to do an extensive prototype with BrainJocks SCORE on Sitecore 8.0 XP.

Since my current Sitecore platform is v7.1, in order to use new Sitecore 8.0 Experience Platform, there are some additional efforts on environment setup, for example Sitecore Powershell Extensions upgrade, MongoDB for analytics data storage, etc.

Now I am going to use SCORE Visual Studio Scaffold to install a full SCORE Sitecore solution with its trial license. The installation instruction can be found here:

What I’d like to share are the challenges and tips I learned during the installation which you may not find from the videos and FAQs.

  1. Install LESS files globally.image003
  2. The scaffold.ps1 errors during the MSBuild.exe stepimage002 image001After contact BrainJocks (thanks Pavel Veller for his very patient support), I figured out the reason is default machine/CPU configuration in Visual Studio. The MSBuild.exe command in scaffold.ps1 is not specifying the platform configuration. (It probably should, Pavel Veller has recorded an enhancement request in their JIRA). It then defaulted to what I have and might not find a matching set of properties in the csproj file.

Here’s the solution to solve this issue:

  • open scaffold.ps1 in your editor of choice (I prefer Sublime Text with Powershell plugins for script editing)
  • find line 216 that looks like this:

[path]\MSBuild.exe “$solution.sln” “/p:Configuration=Sandbox” “/p:VisualStudioVersion=$vsversion.0” /v:normal /nologo

  • change it to:

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\MSBuild.exe “$solution.sln” “/p:Configuration=Sandbox” “/p:Platform=Any CPU” “/p:VisualStudioVersion=$vsversion.0” /v:normal /nologo

  • re-run the process

Make sure you delete already renamed solution artifacts (you can keep the sandbox folder with your Sitecore) and copy Rename.Me artifacts over before re-running the scaffolding script.

3.  The 2012 doesn’t understand the solution local NuGet.config.

image002 (1)

The SCORE solution is prepared for Visual Studio 2013. The 2012 doesn’t understand the solution local NuGet.config. We need to add our feed manually in visual studio. The link can be found in the .nuget/NuGet.config.

4.  I tried to install “Sitecore Powershell Extensions” package on Sitecore 8. But it just kept spinning for couple hours. The reasons and solution are:

  • The only PSE version compatible with 8 is 3.0. It can be downloaded from Sitecore Marketplace.
  • Plus make sure there is Mongo running. There’s a known issue with the package installer in 8 and it will keep spinning unless you have proper Mongo connection.

5.  Using SCORE components as-is should not require any development effort aside from styling (LESS or CSS / SCSS). And the models/views/controllers that represent those components should be treated as black box. You won’t find Glass-generated models for SCORE components as it is not Glass-based. Glass is probably the most popular ORM framework, until we start customizing and building our own then we can generate our models with Glass.


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