Sitecore 7.x Personalization – Part 1: Install Digital Marketing System (DMS)

Normally Sitecore CMS installation doesn’t include Digital Marketing System(DMS). Below are several screenshots to show if the DMS installed.

sitecore3  sitecore4


Step 1: To install DMS, go to Sitecore SDN to download DMS based on your Sitecore 7 version.

Here are extract files of downloaded DMS:


Step 2: On the Database Server, attach the Sitecore.Analytics.mdf database. And also create a database account with the minimum required permissions for database “Sitecore_analytics”.


Step 3: On web server, add analytics connection string in the ConnectionStrings.config file:

<add name=”analytics” connectionString=”user  id=_username_; password=_password_; Data Source=_server_; Database=Sitecore_Analytics” />


Step 4: Copy the Sitecore.Analytics.config file and the Sitecore.Analytics.ExlcudeRobots.config file to the /App_Config/Include/ folder.

Step 5: If using DMS with Sitecore MVC as I am doing, rename the “/App_Config/Include/Sitecore.MvcAnalytics.config.disabled” to “Sitecore.MvcAnalytics.config”.

Step 6: Restart Internet Information Services (IIS) and DMS should be embeded into Sitecore CMS successfully.


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